5.1 Student Support


File DescriptionDocuments
Year-wise list of beneficiary students in each scheme duly signed by the competent authority.Download PDF
Upload Sanction letter of scholarship and free ships (along with English translated version if it is in regional language).Download PDF
Upload policy document of the HEI for award of scholarship and freeships. Download PDF


File DescriptionDocuments
Report with photographs on Programmes /activities conducted to enhance soft skills, Language and communication skills, and Life skills (Yoga, physical fitness, health and hygiene, self-employment and entrepreneurial skills)Download PDF
Report with photographs on ICT/computing skills enhancement programsDownload PDF


File DescriptionDocuments
Upload supporting documentDownload PDF


File DescriptionDocuments
Proof w.r.t Organisation wide awareness and undertakings on policies with zero toleranceDownload PDF
Proof related to Mechanisms for submission of online/offline students’ grievancesDownload PDF
Proof for Implementation of guidelines of statutory/regulatory bodiesDownload PDF
Details of statutory/regulatory Committees (to be notified in institutional website also)Download PDF
Annual report of the committee motioning the activities and number of grievances redressed to prove timely redressal of the grievancesDownload PDF