BEST PRACTICE 1 (2022-2024)


Empowering Education: Scholarship Schemes at KR Technical College


To ensure high-quality education remains accessible through tailored scholarship schemes.


KR Technical College prioritizes accessible education amidst financial constraints, offering three distinct scholarship schemes.

The Practice:

Bonding Hands Scholarship Scheme: Provides half-tuition fee relaxation for siblings enrolled in the institution.
Lifting Hands Scholarship Scheme: Awards full tuition fee waivers to class toppers to foster competitiveness.
Helping Hands Scholarship Scheme: Supports impoverished students not covered by government schemes since 2015-16.

Evidence of Success:

  • Reduced financial burden on students and parents.
  • Increased accessibility to prestigious education institutions.
  • Focused attention on academic and personal goals.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

Ensuring equitable access and awareness of scholarship opportunities across all societal segments require ongoing efforts in outreach and communication.


By alleviating financial burdens, KR Technical College empowers students to focus on academic and personal growth, fostering a culture of excellence and societal responsibility.

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