Title of Practice : CAREER COUNSELING


  1. Career Exploration: The primary objective is to help students explore and identify potential career paths based on their interests, skills, values and personality traits.
  2. Goal Setting: Career Counseling helps them set goals and develop a plan to achieve their career objectives.
  3. Skill Development: Career counseling also helps students to develop the skills that is improving communication skills, developing leadership abilities.
  4. Job search strategies: Counseling helps students to develop job search strategies including networking,job application techniques and interview skills
  5. Career Satisfaction: Ultimately, career counseling aims to help students find career paths that will lead to satisfaction and fulfillment.


Career counseling seeks to identify slow learners and effectively train them in order to prepare them for higher education. Students from both urban and rural locations benefit from career counseling in terms of personal assistance. To assist students in understanding their skills, interests and personalities. Our institution provides career counseling at two levels. First, we guide students at the college level, and our teachers visit various interior and rural sectors near the town to inform students about the various fields of career that they can pursue after completing their Higher Secondary education. Even during Covid-19 time the counselors were in constant touch with students, motivating them, educating them about precautions and boosting their moral to continue to gain knowledge


Counseling helps individuals improve their listening, empathy and interpersonal skills to have a healthy career and lifestyle. Students who have completed their 12th grade are frequently unsure of what to do next. This indecisiveness could be caused by social pressure, a lack of parental supervision, various professional possibilities, a lack of awareness of personal potential etc. Our career counselors aid indecisive students by providing them with mental health and well-being support. In reality, during the period of COVID, when no one was confronted with these issues our college took this pandemic as a challenge and organized virtual counseling for each department or each subjective student with the use of social media.

 Evidence Of Success:

  1. The evidence is evident from the increased number of students participating in career counselling activities.
  2. Student’s academic performance has considerably improved.
  3. Career counseling programs has helped students to gain clarity about their career goals.
  4. Now students make more informed decisions about their career paths
  5. Students developed a better understanding of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses.

 Problems Encountered:

  1. Students are afraid of disclosing personal information during counselling sessions.
  2. Girls in rural areas are not permitted to go to cities for studies so their higher education is difficult.
  3. Students are unable to find employment because there are no established industries there.


As notifying and having survey it is noted by the college that it will be beneficial for the indigenous students to provide them guidance for various competitive exams for government positions in upcoming sessions.

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