Criterion 4.2 All

Key Indicator – 4.2 Library as a Learning Resource

4.2.1. Library automation using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), subscription to e-resources including e-revisions of links to OER repositories, amount spent on purchase of books, journals and usage of library

Library is a repository of knowledge of information. Digital Library at KRTC  serves not only to accelerate the knowledge exponentially through education, but also sparks out the creative imagination and the talents of the students with bounty of books at the institution that signifies plenty of reading. The library of this college has a collection of 3400 books catering to the different subjects taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate level of this college. Up till now we have completed 3400 (100%) automation.

  1. Library with Books, journals, magazines, newspapers, E-resources, 02 Computers with internet facility, 1 printer,1 scanner and a Xerox machine.
  2. The College library has an area of 1356 sq.ft with a reading corner.
  3. The Students and the faculty members can access library from 9:00 5:00 p.m.
  4. The service of the Library is fully automated in the year 2022 with ONLINE LMS software created by our IT Club. It is provided with multiple search options like searching book with respect to accession number, title wise, author wise and subject wise. The software identifies the complete details of book such as author, edition, publisher, year of publishing, location of a book and issue status.
  5. Information regarding new arrivals is provided via library notice board.
  6. Notice board for newspaper clippings is displayed.
  7. Notice board to display information regarding course, career & newspaper clippings, new arrival of books etc. is allotted exclusively for the library.
  8. Amenities provided for the students and the staff:
    • Ample and spacious reading atmosphere.
    • No. of Book racks-354 almirahs with reference books.
    • Periodical rack for journals & magazines.
    • 2 computers with Internet facilities.
  9. Wi-Fi connectivity for smooth access to e-learning resources of the digital library ensures seamless access to information.
  10. NDL access is also promoted in the college library. IT Club organizes workshops to educate students and staff for the optimum use of NDL and other electronic information resources.
  11. An institutional repository provides digital copies of question papers and various e-resources.

Library Services include Book lending, library orientation, referral service, career guidance, Internet browsing and Selective Dissemination of Information.