Criterion 4.1 All

Key Indicator- 4.3 IT Infrastructure

4.1.1. Availability of adequate infrastructure and physical facilities viz., classrooms, laboratories, ICT infrastructure, facilities for cultural and sports activities, gymnasium, yoga centre etc. in the institution

Spread over an area of 1.23 acres amidst brimming floral environment, KR TECHNICAL COLLEGE offers a Serene, Conducive and Healthy atmosphere towards the successful Teaching-Learning process. Capturing the essence of academic ambience, the management has offered the State-of-the-Art facilities to provide holistic and quality education. KRTC is reputed for its infrastructure. The College provides students with all amenities required for their academic excellence. The college has adequate Classrooms, Laboratories and other digital facilities for the effective teaching- learning process.


The area of the College Building is approx. 4500 sq.m. The building consists of two building blocks: Building-1 and Building-2. The built-up area of the College Building-1 is approx 1159.42 sq.m. and Buidling-2 is approx 800 sq.m.. The Building-1 is a two floor building. It consists of departments of Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Application, Commerce and Management. It also consists of the Director Room, Principal Room, Administrative offices, student interaction window (Counseling Room), IQAC Room, Seminar Hall and Library. The Building-2 consists of the departments of Mathematics and Faculty of Arts.


  • There are 12 classrooms in the institution, 6 in Building-1 and 6 in Building-2. All are well ventilated and spacious with appropriate lighting and sufficient number of fans and furniture.
  • Black/Green boards, a reusable writing resource of knowledge and information are maintained in a good condition.
  • To ensure the safety of the students, the whole campus including all classrooms are equipped with surveillance gadgets (CCTV) for safety purpose and to monitor the students on disciplinarian grounds.


  • Botany has one laboratory equipped with Laminar Airflow, hot air oven, incubator distillation unit, centrifuge, electrophoresis, pH meter and three types of microscope: simple, compound and binocular. 
  • Zoology has one laboratory equipped with pH meter and three types of microscope: simple, compound and binocular.  It share some equipment from botany department.
  • Chemistry has also one laboratory. Important instruments are Heating Mental, Digital conductometer,  pH meter and Electronic balance.
  • Computer Science has one PG and one UG laboratory with the support of 40 computers with leased line internet. Both lab is shared by computer science, computer application and information technology department.
  • Physics has one laboratory with Polarimeter, Spectrometer, Newton Fringe, Sonometer, Laser Source and many more experiment apparatus.
  • Geography has one laboratory equipped with tracing table.


  • There are 06 ICT enabled classrooms in Building-1 to integrate technology in the teaching-learning process.
  • The institution has 02 computer labs with a total of 40 computers; LAN CAT-6 connectivity of 100 MBPS lease line.
  • A spacious Seminar Hall with a seating capacity of 180 students is equipped LCD projector.
  • ERP software with integrated applications for admission, students’ database, online attendance and internal marks.
  • E-college, an e-learning platform for students.


  • Institution has an open audio-visual hall (Stage) which are used for on and off-stage events.
  • Every second year a one day annual festival function is organized in which students participate in drama, music, song, dance and regional events. Similarly, annual sports competition is also organized every second year in which students develop their physical development by participating in different types of sports.
  • College level cultural activity is organized under a teacher coordinator and conducts various activities with the full participation of students. Trainers are hired to give coaching in special cultural events. Cultural Committee organizes cultural sessions in connection with association activities.
  • YouTube channel which depicts the cultural talents of students for the last five years.
  • A cool area is provided to the students near the cafeteria as a creativity corner.


  • Our college was looking for ways to increase physical activity before or after college time so college hosted an open gym. The gymnasium is available to students and staff members.
  • Opening it had helped significantly to increase daily physical activity of the students.
  • Having an open gym in our college allows for a safe space for students to be physically active.


  • Drinking Water- RO purified water is provided in ground floor of the Building-1.
  • Playground for Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and other athletics game.
  • 06 Fire Extinguishers with Fire Alarm Facilities.
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus is provided to accelerate present education exponentially.
  • Separate room for Student Counseling.
  • Girls Common room.
  • Cafeteria Facilities.
  • CAR, Bike, Scooter and Cycle Stand
  • 24 x7 Security Guard Facilities.
  • Power generators with Inverter Facilities.
  • Botanical Garden with medicinal plants and herbs.

All the above facilities provide effective academic ambience for teaching and learning in the college and the management is committed to provide facilities in compliance with the statutory bodies that govern the college.

4.1.2. Percentage of expenditure, excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation during last five years (INR in Lakhs)