Gender Issue Cell

KR Technical College is keen to promote gender equality in the college for this reason the IQAC of the college has proposed the formation of this club in the college.

Gender issues cell is pro-actively involved in raising awareness on issue of gender discrimination and in providing a nuanced understanding of gender issue through  multifarious activities like workshop, interactive lectures, film screening, debates,  elocutions and groups discussions collaborative venture with advocacy group.


To foster gender equality by working with entire communities-women girls, men and boys.


  • Conducting activities related to the development of the college.


  • To execute and coordinate the development activity of the college.
  • To achieve the college vision and mission.
  • To enhance the quality initiatives of the college.
  • Prepare students and employee welfare activities in the institute.


  • Successful conduct of development related activities have taken place in college. 
  • For the development of college the new building in the new campus has been proposed
  • Achieving college goals.
  • Motivation to make decision in the interest of student.
  • Addressing deficiencies through advice.

Frequency of the Meeting:

Thrice in a year

Club Formation:

Minutes of Meeting:


Various Activities Year 2022-23:

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Various Activities Year 2021-22:

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