Institutional Distinctiveness

First and foremost measure of the institution is to provide its student high quality education, with the desired for ongoing improvement in teaching and learning process even in odd circumstances at an accessible price. We are having three kind of Scholarship Schemes named as Bonding Hands Scholarship Scheme, Lifting Hands Scholarship Scheme and Helping Hands Scholarship Scheme. Firstly we give relaxation in Half Tution Fee of any of the two siblings studying in the institution under Bonding Scholarship Scheme applied from 2021-2022. Secondly, in order to appreciate and promote student’s effort college gives complete relaxation in ‘Tution Fee’ for topper students of each class to promote the urge of competitiveness under Lifting Hands Scholarship Scheme started from 2021-2022. Along with it where Reserved Category candidates are having facilities like Government Scholarship, Institution has also provided benefit to those who are belonging to impoverished class and not getting benefit under Government Scholarship Scheme through Helping Hands Scholarship Scheme running from 2015-16.So, that they cannot face any financial constraints, when it comes to attending college because it’s a vital part of life.

Not everybody has the financial means to cover their college expenses. So, Scholarships are a lifeline for impoverished students who are bright in academics & struggling to cover their tuition fees. Nowadays, earning a degree from a reputable university is highly expensive.

Proletarian class have a harder time affording the costs of  institutions, but today’s scholarships have simplified things. Providing free scholarship has lowered the financial burden on students and parents while also making education from prestigious institutions accessible to all.

The fact that many of world’s best minds originate from low income families shouldn’t prevent them from pursuing higher education. Students can concentrate more effectively on their studies when they are not concerned about money. The institute also emphasizes to satisfy societal demands for educational outcome and service.

It also helps a student to focus on his/her goals. When a student is rewarded with a scholarship, the sole duty remains with him/her is to focus on his goals. They are freed from all kinds of financial burdens and tensions. They can now work hard and sincerely walk towards his goals because when the mind is free, it can do wonders. Scholarships, free students from part-time jobs, the tension of paying back loans, arranging the amount of interest, and the idea of leaving behind their dreams and provide them enough time, which can be solely utilized in studies and pursuing other talents.It facilitates a student’s goal-focused attention.

The institution adheres to the rules and regulations for receiving complete relaxation in “Tution Fee” of institution to assist the students belonging to EWS category for their educational needs.

The escalating expense of education makes it harder for needy students to continue their higher education and follow their dreams. By covering the cost of college tuition, this distinctive measure significantly lessen the financial burden on students and help develop them into leaders who practise societal responsibility. The college is steadfastly dedicated to providing benefits to students who belong to the Proletarian groups while also extending its support with excellence and transparency.

The college is constantly working to ensure that students of every class/section of society are well-served and that this is done in a manner that makes it simple for students to connect with specific scheme. The scheme consists following steps-

  • The college Principal designates a class teachers as the person in charge of overseeing the students who are scoring more than 80% in his/her Final Examination.
  • The administrative division provides the eligibility list to the in-charge.
  • The Class Teacher makes paper and digital copies of the qualifying list.
  • The Class Teacher informs the students that while applying for relaxation in ‘Tution Free, they must include correct information of their Name, Final Result Copy, Class and Details of Complete Fee etc. in the administration area.

Along with adhering to this scheme, the institution informs in each session to the students of every class about getting complete relaxation in Tution Fee offered by the institution, how to apply for it, and what eligibility is necessary.

When students receive free scholarship, their only obligation is to concentrate on their objectives. They are relieved of all financial pressures and conflicts. They can now diligently and truly go towards their objectives. With this effort of the institution it is realized that a liberated mind is capable of incredible things. It’s giving students enough time to devote exclusively to their studies and developing other abilities, freeing them from part-time jobs, the stress of repaying loans, figuring out the amount of interest, and the prospect of giving up their goals.

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