Social Services Committee

KR Technical College is keen to promote social service for the betterment of society. For this reason the IQAC of the college has proposed the formation of this SOCIAL SERVICE COMMITTEE in this college. Students are the future of our society , it is not wrong to say that our society is in the hand of our students who are studying today .when they will grow up become professional they will work for the betterment of the society. By this committee students get to know that how to interact socially. It includes the principles based on Social Justice, human rights and the responsibility of student and respected staffs to divers social culture of our Institute as well as society.


  • To promote social changes or a development in the society as well as in our institution.


  • our main mission is to promote social and family responsibility.


  • To make students capable for understanding the People’s problem.
  • Make them ready to work for the social betterment of the society .
  • It is not only the society which get benefited from the social work done by the student but it is also the students as well as teachers who get benefited from the social work.
  • To provide quality social welfare service to enable them to meet life challenge.


  • Beneficial for the better utilization of time
  • It gives satisfaction to the students by helping others.
  • Youth power can be inspired from social service.
  • This cell will help students to identify their passion and interest in social work.
  • It provides and opportunity to apply academic learning to real life events.

Frequency of the Meeting:

Thrice in a year

Club Formation:

Minutes of Meeting:


Various Activities Year 2022-23:

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Various Activities Year 2021-22:

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Various Activities Year 2020-21:

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Various Activities Year 2019-20:

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Various Activities Year 2018-19:

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